Steps to completely cure asthma

Despite what some think, Asthma IS VERY curable

In a nutshell ….

  • Read and try to understand the research to help convince your doctor
  • Boost your immune system (VERY IMPORTANT) to help the antibiotics do their job
  • Eat healthy to keep physically and mentally sharp – Help the antibiotics do their job
  • Vitamin D3 has been found to be very helpful by some
  • Find an open minded doctor
  • Print the PDF from Dr. Hahn and several research studies to show your doctor
  • Start the treatment and remember it often takes multiple treatments up to a year
  • Some doctors prescribe Doxycyline AND Azithromycin  for up to a year and report excellent results.
  • These are the medications I took (most people need a longer duration to be completely cured)
  • Very important – Some patients who don’t respond to azithromycin DO respond to doxycyline and vice versa.

Your Immune System

Over the years I’ve written to and spoken with many people who have struggled even after taking the protocol.  What I’ve learned is the most important factor is the strength of your immune system to help the antibiotics do their job.

There were several teenage girls who were super athletes in high school but came down with such severe asthma that they couldn’t even go to school.  They found a good doctor who prescribed several rounds of the protocol and one girl was completely cured.  However the other one kept relapsing once her medications were done.

Then her doctor prescribed gamma globulin which is a blood therapy that super boosts one’s immune system.  This was the final blow to the bacteria and that girl was then completely cured of her severe asthma.

I heard from her mom several years ago and the young girl is once again an amazing athlete.  So do everything you can to boost your body’s immune system.

This section was originally titled “Steps I took to cure asthma”.

But as I learn more from interactions with readers and doctors, it became obvious this section needed to reflect more current information.

The first and most important thing you need to do is to find a good open minded doctor.

This is always the hardest part for most people. To cure asthma you need to put in a significant amount of effort on a few fronts. First, YOU need to read and learn as much as you can about Dr. Hahn’s (and others) research in this area. Nowadays too many people do a quick scan of everything and don’t have an attention span long enough to grasp what they’re reading. I know it’s tough but you need to have the mindset of someone studying for a test. The more you know and understand before talking with your doctor, the better your chances of him or her being receptive to your request. You don’t have to be an expert on the subject but at least understand as much as you can. Of course, even going in with a thorough understanding you can fail to convince your doctor. Many doctors won’t venture outside standard medical guidelines regardless of the studies that are out there showing asthma is curable or made much more manageable.

The good news is more  doctors have seen the research and are comfortable trying the protocol.

That’s makes it much easier for you compared to in 1995 when I looked for a doctor.   Unfortunately when doctors turn patients down, many just order their Azithromycin / Zithromax from online sources or go to Mexico to get it.  Even though I’ve only heard of positive experiences, there obviously are potential pitfalls to cure asthma self medicating and using online pharmacies. I guess only someone who spends day after day struggling to breathe can understand that mindset.  So I don’t judge and I honestly might have gone that route if it was available in 1995.

Print out 2-3 of the studies found in our research to bring to your doctor.

Also (very important) print the PDF document that Dr. Hahn created for other physicians  Dr. Hahn’s book is also packed full of good information and is written for doctors as well as patients.

At this point if you’re lucky enough to have a doctor willing to try the protocol then you need to prepare to do battle with one nasty bacteria. This bacteria is very hard to eradicate but many have done it. I gave my body as many advantages as I could when going through the treatment. I don’t know which (if any) actually helped but they’re listed here for your benefit.

I stopped eating red meat and drinking milk. And I also took a few vitamins which may (or may not) have helped my immune system in the war. These vitamins are listed on the Medication page

Another VERY IMPORTANT consideration.

After I completed my 14 weeks of Zithromax, I still felt the asthma was with me. Not as strong but it was still there. However a few months later, my body finished the job the antibiotics started and one day I realized I hadn’t needed an inhaler for more than a week. My asthma symptoms were gone and I was completely cured. Everyone was telling me it was temporary and I’d soon be wheezing again.

And here I am more than 22 years later, still completely cured and extremely grateful

because it’s a wonderful feeling to breathe clear. Most people don’t understand the hell of carrying asthma around with you every day. And this is why I host this website. Because the research is dead on the money and you CAN cure asthma. There is one nasty bacteria out there that causes asthma. And that bacteria is also being implicated in many other chronic diseases when it travels to other tissue in your body.

Most people seem to need more than 14 weeks of antibiotics.  Without a doubt more research needs to be done.

One doctor treats hundreds of asthma patients every year using a year combination of  Azithromycin and Doxycyline and claims a 90+ % success rate.  Dr. Hahn also recommends multiple treatments of his protocol if you respond positively to the initial treatment.  And Dr. Hahn also mentions in his protocol that some people who don’t respond to azithromycin may respond to doxycyline.

It is interesting to note that many doctors have no problem prescribing 5 years of antibiotics for acne.


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