Severe Asthma to completely cured

This picture was taken while paramedics did CPR on me during my near fatal asthma attack in 1995 This is where I share my Asthma Story and hopefully stimulate thought and hope for those suffering with Asthma.

At the age of 30, I was diagnosed with severe Asthma and ten years later came close to dying when a near fatal asthma attack put me into full respiratory and cardiac arrest. A neighbor took the above photograph while paramedics administered CPR on me as I lay on our front porch.

After this close call, I needed to try and reclaim my life and learn more about this terrible disease. Even despite repeated claims in the medical community that an asthma cure does not exist. My story is proof that you can be cured of severe asthma.

A pharmacist friend of ours then found fascinating new research by Dr. David Hahn in medical journals about the relationship between the bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae and asthma. These studies indicate this research may help 50% or more of adults and children diagnosed with asthma.

I am not a doctor and offer no medical advice here. Since 2002 I've paid for this site with my own funds. I sell nothing and accept no advertising other than a link to Dr. Hahn's book (read reviews) of which I receive no financial compensation. This website was created to share the steps I took to become completely cured of asthma and to help others. Now that my asthma is cured, I've hiked hundreds of miles of rugged terrain on the Appalachian trail (AT) May 2002 , May 2005, and May 2012.

Most importantly.... these hikes were done with no inhalers, no medicines and best of all, no asthma.

While viewing the research and links you'll see that there are dozens of researchers around the globe studying this important link between Chlamydia pneumoniae, mycoplasma and asthma.

While it doesn't work for everyone, in many cases asthma can be completely cured in adults and children. This website is hosted out of graditude to support the research of Dr. David Hahn (and others) in understanding more about these life robbing bacteria.

Jim Quinlan

Clearwater Florida

Chlamydia pneumoniae and Biofilms
This excellent video explains the role biofilms play and why Chlamydia pneumoniae can be so challenging to eradicate, even with long term antibiotics.
Dr. Wilmore Webley on Chlamydia pneumoniae and Biofilms

Notes from visitors to the website
Jim, just an update on me.

More than twelve years ago I stumbled upon your website and shook my head in disbelief. Everybody knows asthma cannot be cured, so why would you bother putting together a bogus website if not to sell something? So I looked and looked and couldn't find anything for sale. I clicked out of it, hopped off the computer and tried really hard to forget about your site. But in the days that followed, I kept thinking about it, wondering if there was something real to what you were saying.

It took me almost as many days to find your site again. I had cleared my history and just couldn't seem to call it up again. But I felt I had to persevere, so I kept searching and finally found it. This time I looked more carefully at the content.

You were kind enough to respond to my email, answering all my questions and encouraging me to let you know if I had any others. My doctor was a naysayer, even though he had asthma, so I brought my medical records to Dr. Hahn who decided I might be a good candidate for treatment.

Here I am, more than eleven years later, still asthma and asthma med free. I had suffered thirty years, from the time I was a child, and didn't think I would ever feel normal. But I've learned, through you, to be my own health advocate and never stop searching for an answer.

To say I am grateful to you is an understatement. If you hadn't taken the time to tell your story, share the studies, answer emails, and continue to be a champion for this cause, I would still be suffering today. You have generously given up your time, not to mention money, involved in creating and maintaining your website and answering emails, without asking anything for yourself. I hope you know how many lives you have improved, and probably even saved, doing this work.

Thank you doesn't seem adequate, but it's all I have, so please accept my deeply genuine, THANK YOU!!!!

Maureen B., Illinois


I was in grade school when my mother found your website. I had gotten sick a few years before I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma. I was pretty active in sports as a kid, competing in gymnastics, playing baseball, basketball, football and lacrosse. A lot of running involved in most of the things I was involved in. Even though I used inhalers before every game and practice I'd end up sounding like a seal with a barking type cough while struggling to catch my breath.

My mom found your site and Dr. Hahn was willing to treat me. The treatment is not what I'd consider long term but I understand it can take up to a year to see full improvement, and that was the case with me. This was about eleven years ago. Since treatment I noticed improvement in the months that followed and eventually stopped using the inhalers because my breathing was fine and they didn't seem to do much for me anyway. I haven't had medication or have had any problems breathing in the past ten years.

I can't thank you enough for the help you've given me and countless others across the globe. I hope you'll continue the fight to get the word out and help people because as you know, the quality of life when you have asthma can be pretty bad, and you're helping people get their lives back with the information you share.

Thanks for giving me a quality of life I wouldn't have if not for your website.

Kevin, Chicago

(February 2015)
Dear Jim,

Hi, my name is John from Milwaukee WI. I am 47 years old. I would like to thank you for posting your website It changed my life drastically. In January 2011, I went to Walgreens with my prescription from my family doctor for asthma. The pharmacist checked me out at the register and said it would be $300.00 dollars. I had asked her if there was a generic brand and she just walked away and said your medication is there if you want it. At that point in my life I was tired of hearing that asthma is incurable and that I will have to be on steroids and inhalers the rest of my life. I went home that night and typed on my computer “is there a cure for asthma” and your website came up.

I carefully read your story and watched the video of Dr Hahn and his research and realized that Dr Hahn was located in Madison not far from Milwaukee. I made an appointment to see Dr Hahn and took Azithromycin for 3 months. After a couple of days I was feeling so much better and able to run on a treadmill. During the 6 weeks my asthma had improved tremendously. After 3 months of treatment I came down with a sore throat and a chest infection and the asthma started to come back. Doctor Hahn put me on Azithromycin for another 3 months. After 6 months (total) of treatment my asthma was completely eradicated. I've been completely cured for 3 years now. I can now run 4 miles at the gym during work outs and enjoy hiking in the mountains in Eastern Pennsylvania where my parents live.

PS Thank you again Jim for sharing your story. It gave me my life back. I always spread the word about your website to people with asthma. I hope they will take the time to carefully read your story and look into Dr Hahn's research and take some action for their own health and just enjoy life.


John Yonkoski

(January 2015)
Hi Jim,

I have not written to you in a long time. I hope you and Yvonne are doing well.

I was recently talking to my doctor about the cure I went through and wondered if your website was still up. Glad to see it still is and so many people have been cured. Also interesting to see the updated research and Dr. Hahn’s new book. I am also now completely asthma drug free. I may have told you that, but I am not sure. I just stopped taking Advair one day and never needed to look back.   You should have seen the look on my doctor’s face. He almost panicked, grabbed his stethoscope to listen to my lungs and marveled how clear they were. He was not the one that put me through the cure, so he really did not know what I was like before. Not sure if he bought my story, but most don’t.

No asthma attack or issues since I went through the program 10 years ago?. I run 2 – 3 miles every other day and just completed one of my many 5K races. I am still slow, but running without fear of an attack. I still have an inhaler around, but they just get tossed when they expire. I guess I am a little gun-shy. I am truly thankful you reached out to me when you went through the cure. I tell people, but they shrug it off as do many doctors. Too bad. Glad the website is still out there to help so many more.

Glad to see you're still keeping up the good work! Take care,

Walter, Phoenix, AZ
(June 2014)
Jim, Its been awhile since I spoke to you last. I visited Dr. Wagshul back in September/October 2013 who put me through 4 different antibiotic Treatment regimens and the last one definitely finally worked! Thank God. I got my life back.

Thanks to your website which explains how difficult it is to treat bacterial Biofilms like Chlamydia pneumonia and inform doctors across this country and around the world that it is possible to treat this condition.

Many as you well know opt to call it Asthma and will only prescribe inhalers. I think Pulmunology is governed to stick with a strict set of known rules with what they know and many doctors still aren't willing to go outside those medical parameters to protect themselves from what some might consider malpractice. I just think there is just so much the medial community does not want to go beyond to try and understand.

It was around the 1st of the year that I got better. Thank you once again Jim.

John Anthony Bland III
Dear Jim, I would like to say thank you for my life.
I was diagnosed with asthma by 3 different doctors.  The first doctor I went to was so convinced that I had asthma.  Yes she prescribed every asthma drug imaginable to me.

After finding another doctor (allergist and asthma specialist), he again concurred with the first doctor and again started another regimen of asthma drugs.

After much talking and stress I finally convinced a third doctor to give me a prescription for Azithromycin, only after not getting any better with standard asthma drugs. When finishing a 14 week course of Azithromycin, I went back to the third doctor and pronounced that I was ready to run the NY marathon and asked if he had any applications. He was so shocked that he may become a believer.

I have spoken to so many who have asthma and told them of your website. Hopefully in the future we will convince everyone that ASTHMA is very curable.

Jerry, Tuxedo, NY
Hello Jim, Two years ago I followed the protocol with Zithromax for 8 or 9 months. At the begining I improved drastically but it was temporary. After that I returned to a chronic state of asthma. I was very disappointed as I was certain my asthma was infectious by nature.

A few years later I was started on symbicort but it seemed the more I used it the worse I gradually became. The more I used cortisone, the weaker my immune system became. Logic was telling me the infection was free to spread as I weakend my immune system with the cortisone. Anyways, by last Christmas I was worse than ever. Apart from having asthma I developed a hacking cough. It just never stopped.. I was so bad I decided to check your website after these two years to see if any new developments were posted.

Bingo… I found your mention that some people felt combined antibiotic therapy was necessary. I went to and found several protocols. I decided to try one without Zithromax since it had not helped me on its own. I went with the Stratton protocol which used Clarithromycin, Doxycyline and Flagyl. After 2 weeks I was immediately better. Six months into combined therapy I am 100% off ventolin and symbicort…

It took awhile but I finally made it. You might want to mention that at least 1 person can confirm that Zithromax alone does not work. That's the rundown ON MY SITUATION. I feel it's important as it might help others in cases where Zithromax alone isn't enough.

I am taking long walks this summer in the Medsea Forest near my house and I think of you enjoying your hikes in Florida and the Appalachian mountains.

Thanks for your help. I am getting the word out to as many people as I can. Cheers and many Thanks !

Alfonso Sainz Wilson, Spain
Jim, Thank you so much for the info you provided on your website, I'm very grateful for your help. You can use the youtube videos I made about curing my asthma, that's the least I can do. and

I actually started the treatment back in October of 2011 and have been asthma free other other than during a sinus infection 3 months ago which was treated with a 5 day zpack treatment. If there's anything else I can do let me know. I would be more than glad to help.

Ismael from Texas
Hey Jim, I just saw you posted about your upcoming hike on My wife corresponded with you back in 2002 or 2003 about her Asthma and you gave her information regarding Chlamydia pneumoniae.

Thanks to you she is now completely better !!!

In 2008 I retired and we opened a hiker hostel in Manchester Center, VT. When you finally get north, please stay with us. See you down the trail,

Green Mountain House Hostel
Hi Jim, I am also one of the people your website has helped so I just wanted to finally thank you.

I developed "adult onset asthma" in 2002. It just happened one day out of nowhere and took over my life. After 10 months of increasingly worse symptoms, I woke up one morning with a bladder infection. My husband had some doxycyline that he found he couldn't take because of an allergy so I thought I would use it to get rid of the bladder infection. However, after taking it for a couple days I noticed I wasn't having as many asthma attacks and within a week - no asthma attacks. I looked up doxycycline and asthma and found your sight immediately. I was surprised to see Dr. Hahn was from Madison as I only live a half hour away! I contacted him immediately and with his help took this research to my doctor and asked for an extended provision of antibiotics. My doctor was reluctant to jump on the bandwagon - in fact he told me I was just trying to get antibiotics. I was able to get my antibiotics but not without changing doctors and I have not had an asthma attack since.

I've told people my story; I've shared your website; and I'm shocked at how many people don't pursue learning more about this research - like they want to continue to be sick. I don't get it! How can anyone want to continue suffocating when there may be a permanent cure? Rhetorical question of course.

I know people want to blindly believe their doctors are trustworthy and have their best interests at heart - but I want to grab them and say "take care of yourselves! Know for yourselves! Teach your doctor a thing or two!"

Anyway, enough of my ranting. I just wanted to thank you for posting your story and for keeping it out there. I visit the site and post it to my facebook page from time to time...I'm just hoping it helps even just one person like your story did for me.

Thank you Jim,
Hello Jim, Just thought of giving you an update. I am on 20 weeks on Zithromax now. Yes I am still on it. Here are the details:

Weeks 1 thru 12 (750 mg a week): Mild improvement with asthma symptoms. I was taking 1 puff on corticosteroid inhaler once every other day. However, I could not do cardio exercise for more than 10 to 15 mins without getting winded.

Weeks 13 thru 16 (750 mg a week): Further improvement. I was taking 1 puff of corticosteroid (Symbicort) once every week. Could run for 30 mins now before I would start wheezing.

Weeks 17 thru 18 (1000 mg a week): Little better. 1 puff of inhaler every week like before but now I can run for 45 mins before starting to wheeze.

Weeks 19 thru 20 (1000 mg a week): Completely OFF of all inhalers and asthma medications. Now I can run for 1 hour without stopping. I wish I never have to use any inhalers again.

I also took a lot of Vitamin C, Lemon Oranges (organic) and believe exercise has helped. Anyways I just thought of letting you know and many thanks once again,

We really think that our son, age 23, is virtually cured of asthma now thanks to you and Dr. Hahn. I tell everyone I can about your website.

I really appreciate your updates and am waiting for the book Dr. Hahn is writing.

I always felt there was a cure - always searched the web and then three years ago typed in asthma cure and there was your website. I felt it was the miracle I had been searching for.

I documented all information and sent a letter to my son's doctor. With persistence, he was given the antibiotic treatment .... I was not going to take no for an answer or I would have searched for another doctor.

The sad thing was he knew of this treatment since 1995, but claimed he tried it a few times and it didn't work. My son was put on Biaxin at first, and when I emailed Dr. Hahn about this he was kind enough to reply and state that Wes should be put on Zithromax which our doctor complied with when he read Dr. Hahn's reply to me.

Sorry to ramble on, but I am very passionate about this which I am sure you understand. You give every piece of information anyone could ask for - thank you so much!

Sherri, Olathe, Kansas
Dear Mr. Quinlan, I won't take up too much of your time.

I just want to tell you that your website and your asthma story saved my husband's life. He was a runner in excellent condition and got the flu this past August - and didn't get better but worse. Two months in they diagnosed him with COPD and then asthma - he was on 3 daily asthma and cough medications - he was doing the neti pot 3 times a day and had to buy one for work! He had over $6000 worth of testing done - x-rays, breathing tests, etc.

I came across your article and info after dealing with this for 6 months - his life was so different and depressing from the life he was used to living and the prognosis was just inhalers for the rest of your life, which didn't really control the symptoms either.

I printed out your info and DR Hahn's, and my husband tried to speak to his DR about it. The doctor had never heard of it and told my husband NO. The next day the DR called my husband at work and said he had a change of mind and was willing to TRY this, but doubted there would be any results.

My husband has now completed his 3 months of antibiotics and he is a brand new person. He has been off ALL asthma medicine for 2 months now and is back to his normal running and exercise regime. It almost seems like it was just a bad nightmare that we lived through.

Mr. Quinlan, if it weren't for your willingness to write about your story, I don't know what would have happened to my husband! He was getting repeated infections, lung and sinus. I am sure that he would have eventually gotten pneumonia and who knows what from there - it's hard to think about!

He is 45 and has so much life ahead of him. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story and treatment plan - it saved my husband's life.

From the bottom of my heart with so much thanks and gratitude, May God richly bless you!

A Happy Wife, Hudson, OH
We have great news I wanted to share. My 8 year old son Christian saw his doctor yesterday and he decided to take him off all steroids!!! Today was his first steroid free day in years...I'm so excited.

He told me and a resident that it was a good thing that I found the research, because it may have taken him a while to get to where we are today. It's taken years to get to this point so who knows if we would have ever reached this point if I hadn't run across! I seriously doubt anyone would have bothered with the Zithromax regimen. I just thank God that I ran across it!

P.S. Christian is taking swimming lessons. Yesterday his group had a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest...guess who won ? Can you believe that !!! The kid with "serious asthma" is holding his breath the longest...IT'S A MIRACLE!!!

Anne, CA
I was diagnosed with "adult onset asthma" for more than 15 years. My regimen included 3 different inhalers, steroid injections every 6 weeks and at the end I was taking 20 mg of prednisone twice a day just to breathe. I was using my rescue inhalor 10 times a day. Through the years I tried all the inhaled steroids, Uni-phil, advair... the whole line up. My doctor had me on almost $600 worth of meds every month. Even so my asthma got worse every year.

Thanks to this forum and the encouragement of Maureen and several others, I stuck with it until I found someone willing to give me the prescription. My life has been changed dramatically and I owe it to those who continue to prove that this treatment works.

Bill, Dallas TX
Wow do I feel good, I lie in bed at night and just breath I have had this type of asthma for 65 years. Now 70, I can celebrate. It's really funny how doctors deny that a cure exists for this type of asthma.

Jim F. Wilmington, CA
I have witnessed a miracle. So many amazing things have happened but my 13 year old son Devin said it best last night “My asthma is cured, mom.” He never knew before what it feels like to breathe fully. Now he runs, laughs, sings, talks, walks, and plays without wheezing. I am so very grateful to the wonderful people who have made this possible.

Debbie, Illinois
I am writing to thank you for your help and support with my daughter last year. She finished three months of Zithromax in January 2005 and has had no asthma symptoms since. For a while after she finished, I was afraid every time she would get a sore throat that maybe she wasn't better.

Sore throats today are just that... sore throats and not a warning that "asthma" will follow. Whitney has been off of all her allergy medications for three months now and is doing great. She has her energy back and is just a normal kid. No more coughing, no more sickness that never really goes away, no more medicine, no more stuffy nose.....just a healthy, happy child.

I am so thankful to you for getting the word out. Thank you, Jim, from the bottom of my heart!

Diana, Indiana
Read what Dave Oshinsky has to say on his website about how he cured his asthma in 2003 after using Dr. Hahn's research.
(Click here to view Daves Website)

Dave Writes, "I'm still asthma-free and loving it !! No wheezing, no inhalers, even when I ride my bicycle for 60 miles. FANTASTIC. The big question remains: when will physicians offer this treatment to those patients who might benefit ????"

Dave, NJ
I am thanking the universe every day for whoever invented macrolides. As well as Jim"Hotfoot" : ) Quinlan and his info on these bugs. If it wasn't for him I'd still be coughing up crap and doing the "Dying Swan" every afternoon.

Helene, Austrailia
Keep it up Jim - soon the research will prove we are on track here. It has happened this way before. But beware the vested interests - many groups want this asthma thing to continue. - Drug companies are making millions out of useless but expensive inhalants - Many specialists want it to be kept as a black art to perpetuate their jobs

John, UK

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2014 Dr. Hahn's recently published book "A Cure for Asthma?" in paperback and Kindle / Nook format.
A cure for asthma - what your doctor isn't telling you and why by Dr. David Hahn MD Written for medical professionals as well as lay people. Has case studies of severe asthma patients Dr. Hahn treated.

Please note: I receive no compensation from book sale.

News ..

The CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention) recognizes the relationship between Chlamydia pneumoniae and Asthma. The CDC acknowledges the possible association of C.pneumoniae with Alzheimer's disease, asthma and reactive arthritis (RA). They also acknowledge using Macrolides type of antibiotics for the treatment.
The CDC acknowledges Chlamydia pneumoniae relationship to asthma, alzheimers, and reactive arthritis View web link

An article published in the NY Times By Elisabeth Rosenthal states The (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts the annual cost of asthma in the United States at more than $56 billion, including millions of potentially avoidable hospital visits and more than 3,300 deaths, many involving patients who skimped on medicines or did without. The cost of asthma medicine has skyrocketed in the last decade !!

Macrolides for long term management of asthma meta analysis of randomized clinical trials(PDF)
Macrolides for the long-term management of asthma – a
meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials Download

Listen to a 30 minute radio interview with Dr. Hahn by Joe and Terry Graedon from " The People's Pharmacy" radio show featured on National Public Radio (NPR).

   great radio show about an asthma cure    Click to listen or download

Clinical Trials

The University of Wisconsin, American Academy of Family Physicians, Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP),The Dean Foundation for Health, Research and Education (Dean Foundation) and Pfizer corporationis sponsoring a study and recruiting volunteers for a study called AZMATICS to determine the effectiveness of Azithromycin as Adjunctive Treatment for Adult Asthma.

Note: The study is no longer recruiting subjects.

Dean Foundation

Follow this link to learn more about Dr. David Hahn and the Dean Foundation.

Support forum

I would like to apologize for abruptly shutting down the forum several years ago. Besides dealing with hackers, trolls and rude people, we were going through a stressful time in life that resulted in the loss of our youngest son.

It was just too much so one day I flipped the switch and shut it down.

In the beginning

Article 1

Royal Oak Tribune  article about near fatal asthma attack
Another article about near fatal asthma attack

Article 2

Royal Oak Tribune article about near fatal asthma attack
Royal Oak Tribune  article about near fatal asthma attack

Every year thousands of people die while experiencing a severe asthma attack.

Take your Asthma or the Asthma of a loved one very seriously !

print for your doctor

Recommendations for interested Physicians
David L. Hahn MD. MS.
Recommendations for physicians by Dr. Hahn

updated January 2015

Since 1998 the pharmaceuticals and health products industry represent the top industry when it comes to financing lobbiest that influence our laws and federal policies (FDA). As of 2013 2.6 Billion dollars ... yes Billion with a B.

No wonder this research still hasn't made it mainstream while drugs like oxycodone / oxycontin are freely dispensed. Killing and addicting millions.

Then again, it's all about money isn't it?

Click here to view drug industry lobbiest rankings since 1998
view drug industry lobbiest rankings

With so much information exploding all around us,
finding a nugget of knowledge is not nearly as important as
what we do with it.

The National Lung Association reports that
The annual direct health care cost of asthma is approximately $15.6 billion; indirect costs (e.g. lost productivity) add another $5.1 billion, for a total of $20.7 billion dollars. Prescription drugs represented the largest single direct cost, at $5.6 billion.

In 2008, it was estimated that 23.3 million Americans currently have asthma. Of these, 12.7 million Americans (4.1 million children under 18) had an asthma attack