The Bacteria Chlamydia Pneumoniae

This nasty bacteria has been linked to many chronic diseases

The bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae is a complex infectious bacterium

that is a major cause of pneumonia. It has a complex life cycle which must infect another cell to reproduce. It travels from an infected person to the lungs of an uninfected person in small droplets.

Many people can fight off the infection but there is a select group that develop chronic severe asthma.

This bacteria can also live in other tissues within the body and is a strong suspect in causing other chronic ailments like Multiple sclerosis (MS), Als (Lou Gherigs disese), CFS, meningoencephatitis, arthritis, myocarditis, atheosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

This bacteria may hold the clue to the cause of many chronic diseases.

The bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae

Chlamydia pneumoniae cell

What Bacteria Chlamydia Pneumoniae Is

  • it IS an infectious bacteria that travels from an infected person to the lungs of an uninfected person in small droplets
  • it IS extremely difficult to eradicate in many individuals requiring up to a year of antibiotic treatments
  • it IS associated with being the cause of severe chronic asthma in adults and children
  • it IS a suspect in causing Multiple sclerosis (MS), Als (Lou Gherigs disese), CFS, meningoencephatitis, reactive arthritis, myocarditis, atheosclerosis, coronary heart disease and others
  • It IS a bacteria that will negatively affect your quality of life
  • it IS contagious
  • it IS easier to eradicate when your body has a strong immune system.  A strengthened immune system is a MAJOR key and factor when dealing with the bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae and using antibiotics.


What Bacteria Chlamydia Pneumoniae Is NOT

  • is NOT the sexually-transmitted type
  • is NOT the same as pneumonia even though it is one cause of pneumonia
  • is NOT easy to eradicate for many infected people
  • is NOT understood by many physicians

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The Bacteria Chlamydia Pneumoniae

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