Blog Topic: Breath of Hope

Day 42

Brett, The person who we chose for the Breath of Hope project is now in day 42 after seeing Dr. Wagshul. It’s a long process for most, usually a year. Here’s what Brett had to say. “Nothing positive nothing negative Then again a huge improvement... read more

Road trip

Last week the person we chose for the breath of hope project traveled to Ohio to see Dr. Wagshul.  This person is someone who has written us several times in the last couple years.  Their asthma was quite debilitating and their financial situation was poor and they... read more

A new project

Many people probably think I’m out of my mind for doing this project because they have never lived with the burden of severe asthma.  And it’s only one person after all.  With prices of asthma medicine rising, health care costs out of control, and with... read more

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