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The best email of all is when we hear from people telling us the information from this website has helped them or a member of their family.  These notes are the fuel that keeps this website going and justifies the time and expense I put into this website.

People who cured asthma after finding asthma bacteria link to Chlamydia pneumoniae

Even though it’s been over 20 years since my near fatal asthma attack,

I still relate to these notes because I remember how limited  life used to be while carrying around the burden of severe asthma.  This information isn’t for everybody but it IS very useful for those who can think outside the box as they say. It’s especially gratifying when the note contains a testimonial regarding a child who was critically ill with severe asthma but now completely cured of their asthma.

If you enjoy these notes as much as I do then keep in mind that Doctor Hahn’s book contains interesting case studies of patients that were cured from very severe asthma.  Plus the amazon reviews of the book have dozens of more testimonials from those who have cured their asthma.   A big thank you out to everyone who has shared their stories.


Testimonials and notes from visitors of Asthma Story

The 800 mile drive was worth it !

Hi Jim,  I just wanted to write and thank you for maintaining asthma story website. I am 46 and had bronchitis this last spring.  Following the initial symptoms of coughing and wheezing and mucus my breathing never returned to what it had been.  I was diagnosed with...

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Asthma Story helped save our daughter’s life

The Asthma Story website helped save our daughter’s life, and we believe will help others with their journey to “cure asthma”.   Several years ago our seven-year-old daughter developed a “cold” that never went away. It worsened over months into “allergies”. The doctor...

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Grandson cured of asthma after years of being sick

(The following was a letter to Dr. Hahn) Dr. Hahn,  I found your book through The People's Pharmacy section of The Dallas Morning News. Since he was born, my grandson had been hospitalized so many times, the hospital staff knew him by name.  Although my grandson...

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Successfully cured by Dr. Hahn after years of asthma

Jim, just an update on me. More than twelve years ago I stumbled upon your website and shook my head in disbelief. Everybody knows asthma cannot be cured, so why would you bother putting together a bogus website if not to sell something? So I looked and looked and...

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I hope you’ll continue the fight to get the word out

Jim, I was in grade school when my mother found your website. I had gotten sick a few years before I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma. I was pretty active in sports as a kid, competing in gymnastics, playing baseball, basketball, football and lacrosse. A lot...

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After six months, Asthma was completely cured

Dear Jim, Hi, my name is John from Milwaukee WI. I am 47 years old. I would like to thank you for posting your asthmastory.com website. It changed my life drastically. In January 2011, I went to Walgreens with my prescription from my family doctor for asthma. The...

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Dr. Wagshul successfully cured my asthma

Jim, Its been awhile since I spoke to you last.  I visited Dr. Wagshul back in September/October 2013 who put me through 4 different antibiotic Treatment regimens and the last one definitely finally worked! Thank God, I got my life back. Thanks to your website which...

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Thank you for my life back

Dear Jim, I would like to say thank you for my life.  I was diagnosed with asthma by 3 different doctors.  The first doctor I went to was so convinced that I had asthma.  Yes, she prescribed every asthma drug imaginable to me. After finding another doctor (allergist...

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Breathing clear while walking the Medsea Forest in Spain

Hello Jim, Two years ago I followed the protocol with Azithromycin / Zithromax for 8 or 9 months. At the beginning I improved drastically but it was temporary. After that I returned to a chronic state of asthma. I was very disappointed as I was certain my asthma was...

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Thank you for the info you provided

Jim, Thank you so much for the info you provided on your website, I'm very grateful for your help. You can use the youtube videos I made about curing my asthma, that's the least I can do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcfwUmZpHb4&feature=channel&list=UL and...

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See you on the trail

Hey Jim, I just saw you posted about your upcoming hike on Trailjournals.com. My wife corresponded with you back in 2002 or 2003 about her Asthma and you gave her information regarding Chlamydia pneumoniae. Thanks to you she is now completely better !!! In 2008 I...

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