Print these Important Documents for your Doctor

Including a letter from Dr. Hahn to your Physician

Important Documents to print for your doctor

These represent several important documents you should print and share with your doctor. They will help to explain the research behind Dr. Hahn’s protocol for curing asthma. Especially important is #1, the note from Dr. Hahn to your doctor.  Keep in mind there are many more research and clinical trial documents in our research sections of this website that you may want to read and/or bring with you.  Keep in mind that there are dozens of researchers worldwide focusing the bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae and it’s relationship to asthma and other chronic disease’s.

It’s sometimes challenging to convince your doctor to investigate the latest research leading to a treatment for severe asthma. And that’s why it’s important that you are prepared and have supporting documentation to make your case for curing your asthma.

1) Asthma and Infection – Information for interested Clinicians

This is a note written by Dr. Hahn for patients to share with their doctors. Dr. Hahn updates this document periodically

2) Macrolides for long term management of asthma meta analysis of randomized clinical trials

Clinical trials meta analysis

3) Azithromycin for Bronchial Asthma in Adults: An Effectiveness Trial by David Hahn, MD

4) Why are macrolides (antibiotics) controversial

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